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6 Essential Professionals You Need On Your Team When Buying Or Selling Your Property

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Buying or selling your property is one of the most exciting milestones for many people.  It can also be an overwhelming process which means there are six essential professionals you need on your team – a property conveyancer, mortgage broker, property manager, financial planner, real estate agent and property inspector.

Property conveyancing is one of the most complex aspects of the process. KDD Conveyancing are settlement agents in Perth WA who offer conveyancing services. As Perth settlement agents, contact us so we can assist you when buying or selling your property.

6 Essential Professionals You Need On Your Team When Buying Or Selling Your Property

Selecting who to have on your team needs to be carefully considered. Just like having a baby, with a doctor, midwife, obstetrician and anaesthetist on your team, you need trustworthy people you can depend on. Property is a massive financial investment so having a strong team ensures everything runs smoothly and maximises your profit.

What is a property investment team?

A property investment team consists of qualified professionals who provide insights during the buying or selling process. If everyone performs effectively in their area of expertise, you will benefit from having a seamless buying or selling process.

Why is it important to have the right property team around you?

Achieving your property goals all depends on the right property team. Learn from each professional, take on their advice and share your dreams so they will assist you in achieving success. The right property team can potentially save you thousands of dollars and put more money in your pocket.

Who should be involved in the buying and selling of property?

Key professionals involved when buying and selling property include the following;


A conveyancer is a licensed professional that provides the expertise required when settling the transfer of property.  As you can imagine, the financial, legal and administrative tasks involved when transferring ownership of a title deed can be a minefield so you need someone who you can trust to manage all the paperwork for you.

Mortgage Broker

A mortgage broker works on behalf of a client and provides recommendations on the most suitable home loan based on your circumstance. They usually not aligned with any financial institution. Choose someone who will work hard to secure the best home loan for you.  

Property Manager

A property manager oversees the operation, maintenance and administration of a rental property on behalf of an owner. Finding someone who will take of your property like their own is ideal. They should secure long-term tenants, ensure rent is paid on time and the property is well maintained. 

Financial planner

A financial planner looks at your overall financial position and long term goals in order to provide financial direction. Select a trustworthy professional who understands the property market and assist you in using your finances effectively. 

Real Estate Agent

A real estate agent is a licensed professional that provides guidance for people looking to buy or sell a property. Choose an experienced real estate agent who knows the local area well and has positive reviews from past buyers or sellers. 

Property Inspector

A property inspector assesses and checks for any structural damage and potential issues of a property. You need someone who has a good eye for detail and will give you an honest opinion of the property that you are buying.

What qualities you should look for in a quality property team?

A quality property team should have particular qualities.  Select professionals that are responsive, have your best interests at heart and share the same ethics and values as you.  It’s important to build an effective relationship with them when buying or selling a property.

Looking for a quality settlement agent to join your property team?

If you are looking for a quality settlement agent to join your property team, KDD conveyancers will be happy to assist you.  Get in touch with us on (08) 9296 8717 or email us today.

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