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Winter Home Maintenance Tips

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Winter Home Maintenance Tips

As the weather starts to cool, it’s only too tempting for homeowners to be dormant about home and property maintenance. Here are some of KDD Conveyancing‘s top winter home maintenance tips to make it easier to take action! Your reward? Taking small preventive actions now can reap you a host of benefits in future.

Great reasons for regular property maintenance

Save money

Small repairs cost less, so don’t ignore issues that could end up accumulating extensive damage that requires expensive repairs. And prompt repairs on your rental property are priceless for creating a positive relationship with your tenant. By performing maintenance on a regular basis, both you and your tenants will get the best value out of your arrangement, as well as optimum comfort and safety.

Optimise financial yields

A ship-shape property attracts quality tenants and commands a higher rental yield. You’d be surprised how prompt attention, or even minor cosmetic additions, presents you as a considerate landlord, and could attract more rental interest and demand. Meanwhile, keeping your property in great shape gives you optimise capital gains.

Stay aware

Neglect could really cost you a bundle if your property is allowed to deteriorate unawares, whether it is empty or tenanted. Regular maintenance ensures early alerts on potential issues. You set the standard for any tenant you may have to uphold reasonable serviceability and minimise damage and disrepair.

Our top 12 winter home maintenance tips

Autumn in Australia is enchanting, yet a pile up of autumn leaves come winter can be a real pain! Time to clear out the debris!

Give your property a good once-over from top to bottom, outside in:

  1. Remove leaves and debris from gutters and down-pipes, inspect for cracks and drainage, and repair as needed.
  2. Inspect roofing and eaves for damage or leaks, and repair as needed.
  3. Make sure water is properly draining, not collecting around the foundations of your home.
  4. Check on any large trees around your home for damaged or deteriorating branches.
  5. Check under the house for moisture damage and repair as needed.

And if you’re stuck indoors on a wet winter’s day, why not take the opportunity to give your in-house amenities some TLC.

  1. Clean the grout between the tiles in the kitchen and bathroom, and repair as needed.
  2. Inspect taps for leaks, and remove and clean the aerators.
  3. Check caulking around showers and bathtubs, and repair as needed.
  4. Remove shower-heads and clean any sediment.
  5. Check laundry exhaust vents for blockages while they’re running.
  6. Clean inlet filters on your washing machine; check hoses and replace as needed.
  7. Reverse your ceiling fans – this encourages efficient heating by pushing warm air near the ceiling downwards—this could reduce your energy bill by more than 10 per cent.

Need more information on maintaining your property for winter?

Now you have an easy checklist of winter home maintenance tips that makes taking action a breeze. If the prospect of performing all these tasks yourself doesn’t warm your heart, the clever thing would be to outsource it to a professional property management and maintenance crew like many busy homeowners do.
If you have any questions, we welcome you to contact KDD Conveyancing for a friendly chat.

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