The traditional paper-heavy conveyancing process is less than ideal for today’s digital world. Manual data entry and repeated tasks often created delays, leaving buyers and sellers in the dark as to how their property settlement was going. Even worse, it opened up the risk of exposing sensitive information and even monetary fraud thanks to physical documents being handled by multiple parties and financial information being shared via unsecured means, such as email. 

Today, the digitisation of the property settlement process has made it possible for all parties involved in a settlement to reduce risks, and save time. Back-and-forth emails, endless phone calls and slow-moving documents are a thing of the past thanks to conveyancers incorporating proptech (property technology) advancements into their processes. 

At KDD, we are entrepreneurial in bringing breakthrough proptech to our clients, with the vision of making things easier, faster, and safer for all parties in the property ecosystem. We’ve partnered with Realtime Conveyancer to incorporate the Pathway to Settlement app into all of our property settlements, empowering you to track each step from contract to keys at the tap of a button.

How the Pathway to Settlement App helps buyers and sellers

Track Milestones in real time

Every time you are needed to sign a document or a major milestone in your settlement is reached, you’ll receive a notification from your conveyancer instantly. We also update your real estate agent and finance broker. Anywhere, anytime, just open the app and get the latest update of your settlement’s status. 

Cut down your settlement time

One of the biggest delays in a traditional settlement was always the time needed to transport documents from party to party. Traditional mail or couriers meant a signature could take days (or even longer for interstate or international buyers). The Pathway to Settlement app brings secure document storage, transfer and eSignature functionality to all parties, letting you send, sign and receive important documentsinstantly. This has the ability to reduce settlement times by up to 20 days!

Securely share banking information

Every year, email scams cost homebuyers millions thanks to sophisticated phishing and spoofing techniques. Sending your details through unsecured emails could cost you tens of thousands of dollars if it gets into the wrong hands. The Pathway to Settlement app features My Safe Deposit and is built with security best practices in mind, allowing you to share all your financial information with us securely. Have peace of mind that your data is protected from prying eyes and malicious parties.

How KDD Conveyancing can help you take control of your property settlement

At KDD, we have a passion for property, and we are constantly innovating to provide excellent customer satisfaction. Let KDD help you succeed in all your property transactions:

  • We’re licensed professionals.
  • As a business, we have two decades of experience in conveyancing, and our team has over 150 years’ collective experience.
  • We are caring about getting the best outcomes for our customers, whether you’re a property buyer or seller.
  • Every team member was handpicked for their career achievements, passion, and great personality.
  • We are active and innovative thought leaders who are grateful to be recognised by our peers and industry associations with multiple industry awards.

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