If you have been around long enough to remember, you would know that regional real estate agents and conveyancers received a bad wrap in the 90’s, especially in TV land. Growing up locally, the team at KDD Conveyancing knows the usual fictional villain archetype.

In truth, this is all just fiction. Regional communities are keen to see new neighbours embrace country life and live that escape to the country dream. Finding the ideal regional property can be a challenge, and we are happy to provide a few essential pointers to get things moving.

Lessons Learned: Don’t Buy What You Haven’t Seen

If there is a life lesson to be learned from TV Land’s Sea Change, it’s don’t buy what you haven’t seen. If you have the opportunity, book a holiday there first and see what is available. If a holiday is not an option, modern technologies like Zoom, Skype and FaceTime are one of many solutions to view the property virtually. Thanks to the latest technological innovations, some real estate agencies offer virtual tours of properties via video or VR tour

Contracts can be emailed, so you don’t need to feel the pressure to sign right away. Take your time and be sure about what you are signing. 

Pick Your Own Representation

Australia has many real estate franchises, many of which have businesses set up in regional areas or partner with independent local businesses. If you prefer using a specific real estate agency for your property needs, there are local, serviceable counterparts available.

Regional areas often have their own way of doing things due to limited infrastructure. Therefore, it is best to do your research and discover how the areas make do with what they have and what ultimately works for you. KDD Conveyancing offers state-wide services for assistance with settlements and property conveyancing.

You can also choose to consult with your legal representative about buying land to build a home or about purchasing a property locally that may have land covenants and other restrictions.

Check REIWA for any resources on rural property statistics or find a local, reputable agent to help you. 

Finite Properties Available In Town

It’s true that in some towns, the number of liveable properties is scarce and what is available is often quite dated. More modern, renovated properties can sell at a premium, while other properties at a more affordable price have not had a makeover since the 1970s. If you are unable to find exactly what you are looking for, you can opt to rent in the area instead and wait until a more suitable property goes on the market. Often, renting in regional areas can be more financially beneficial while you wait for your new forever home. 

Keeping Moving Costs Down

Movers generally charge based on distance and the time spent storing your belongings during transit. To be sure you’re keeping costs down, it’s a good idea to downsize as much as you can.

Retail Super Centres can be found in rural areas with convenient access to furniture stores, department stores and boutiques in neighbouring towns. If you decide to buy new, you can rent a moving truck in town for the day and buy all your new furniture and home appliances in one go. The price difference between buying locally and transporting your old goods can sometimes be more economical in the long run.

Check local rates and unexpected expenses

Moving can also mean new costs of living that you didn’t expect. Resources like access to clean water and electricity are universal across all of Western Australia, for both metro and regional residential areas. You can visit the Water Corporation website for information on service rates and water access fees.
There are also fire break requirements, native vegetation and contamination site listings that are in place in regional areas for habitat biodiversity protection and fire prevention. For more information, you can review the Landgate Property Interest Report, which highlights interests that affect particular areas and properties.

Are you looking for an expert to help review the contract before you sign on the dotted line for your regional property? You can contact the team at KDD Conveyancing for a quick chat or follow our blog for more insightful tips about the WA property scene.

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