Whether you are an early planner and prep for months in advance or you are a last-minute “in the moment” type, there is no rule set in stone for when you contact your property conveyancer. 

The time to contact a conveyancer is entirely up to you; however, we always recommend contacting conveyancers early as a governing rule. So let us at KDD Conveyancing list some of the key benefits of having a conveyancer onboard according to your preferences.

Reasons To Reach Out to a Conveyancer Early

Just like with a real estate agent or a finance broker, you want to shop around and find the one that will best prioritise your needs and work to your time frame. 

Say, if you are upgrading homes because a baby is on the way, time is important, and you want someone who understands your priorities and can get the job done as promised.

Whether it is personality fit, priorities, or cost of services, you want to also make sure that the conveyancer you pick is available when you need them. Life understandably happens, and you want to be sure that you are getting what and whom you have paid for.

When you operate on a fixed time frame, you want things to go smoothly. Conveyancers can offer advice and suggest necessary actions before making an offer that will likely save you in the long run, like researching property titles and past certificates of title, or acting on your behalf.

Other reasons to contact your Conveyancer early are: 

Duty Obligation: Assistance with the process of lodging contracts with the Office of State Revenue within the required timeframes (to avoid penalty tax being imposed).

Pre-contractual Advice: The reviewing of your contracts and explaining the legal meaning of the terms and conditions. Such as understanding the inclusions/exclusions, buyer & seller rights and obligations as well as ensuring that it meets your particular needs (in terms of pertinent dates and conditions).

Avoiding last-minute rushes and penalty interest: If you delay appointing a conveyancer, you may find that responses from government agencies may be delayed and cause settlement to be postponed. Some agencies require a few week’s notice to respond to standard pre-settlement enquiries. The earlier you contact your conveyancer to get started, the more likely it is that all necessary replies will be received prior to the settlement due date. 

Reasons For Waiting Before Contacting Your Conveyancer

Understandably, appointing a conveyancer before you have even made an offer on the property seems costly, especially if it’s not a straightforward purchase. When shopping around for a conveyancer, you can ask them about their success stories and their past experiences, especially if your property deal is a little tricky. That way once you have found the property you want, you can be proactive and engage a conveyancer that will be efficient and familiar with the conditions of the sale. 

Cash buys can typically be completed very quickly, as well as new builds. However, older outdated/neglected properties, multiple party owners or conditions of purchase can lead to a fair amount of back and forth.

Whatever leg work you can do yourself is more cost-effective, and you can always double-check with your conveyancer, before the contract acceptance stage if what you have gathered yourself is accurate and relevant to the sale/purchase. There are websites like www.landgate.com.au where you can investigate properties independently and prepare a dossier. Conveyancers can also buy property data from city councils.

What Do Our Conveyancers At KDD Recommend?

It really is up to you, especially if you prefer to do your own research first before enlisting help, and we can certainly fill in the gaps in the paperwork when it comes time to make an offer or commit to a property or land development.

Overall, we find the best approach is to call around for conveyancing quotes early, chat to the conveyancers directly and once you have found a property you’d like to make an offer on, begin communication with your chosen conveyancer. Also, keep the lines of communication open and offer more than one way to be contacted, such as SMS, email, or phone call.

We wish you the very best with your conveyancing needs.

Are you in need of a conveyancer? Contact the team at KDD Conveyancing Services to organise a quote and have a chat with the team. For more information on topics regarding property, settlements, and the WA property market, follow our Blog.

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