Buying Your Strata Titled Property

Further to our previous blog post which provides definitions on strata terminology and tips on selling a strata titled property, here’s what to look out for from the buyer’s viewpoint. Are you in the process of buying your first strata...

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Selling Your Strata Titled Property

What is Strata A strata title is a form of property ownership. It allows someone to buy and own part of a larger building or property with subdivisions called lots, for residential, commercial, or industrial use.  Typically, the buyer purchases...

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Winter Home Maintenance Tips

Winter Home Maintenance Tips As the weather starts to cool, it’s only too tempting for homeowners to be dormant about home and property maintenance. Here are some of KDD Conveyancing‘s top winter home maintenance tips to make it easier to...

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Purchasing A Property Under A Trust

Purchasing A Property Under A Trust You may have heard about the advantages of buying property under a trust, and be curious about what it is and if it’s right for you. Here’s a quick brief to understand the gist of it. What is a trust? A...

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Selling A Property To A Family Member

Selling A Property To A Family Member Even when you’re selling property to family, there are still legal obligations to which you must adhere. For instance, you are still required to meet RCD and smoke alarm compliance, and legal obligations...

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The Top Causes of Settlement Delays

The process of selling or buying a property can be a stressful time for buyers and sellers. What can make it even more stressful is a delay in settlement. These delays occur when the buyer or seller is unable to meet the agreed date and can have...

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