Survivorship Applications

If a joint tenant has passed away in a shared property, KDD Conveyancing Services can help lodge the appropriate documents and help you through the process of a survivorship application. We can assist with transferring the deceased’s share of the property to the surviving tenants with care and efficiency.

Trust KDD Conveyancing for Survivorship Applications

Applying for survivorship of a property in the midst of the passing of a loved one or colleague can be tiring. KDD offers compassionate and simple conveyancing to ensure your survivorship application is done with care, understanding every case is different and requires special attention. We can attend settlement for you, leaving you to get on with what you need to do. KDD offers peace of mind during times of grief and uncertainty. That’s why people in Perth trust KDD Conveyancing Services with all facets of survivorship applications.

How Survivorship Application Works

A survivorship application is required when a joint tenant of a property passes away. To effect a survivorship application, applicants must apply to change the ownership on the Certificate of Title and notify the relevant government bodies of the change in ownership. In some cases, a financial settlement may be involved, or a transfer of mortgage obligations. KDD Conveyancing Services can handle every aspect of your survivorship application, including conducting relevant title searches and preparing the necessary documentation. KDD can also act on your behalf, as part of a personal representative application if required. KDD understands that every survivorship application can be difficult in a time of stress. That’s why we offer a mobile conveyancing service, aiming to make the process free of fuss and convenient as possible. That’s the way KDD makes survivorship applications easy and trouble free for all involved.

PEXA – Electronic Conveyancing

PEXA is an online property settlement network, allowing property buyers and sellers to electronically lodge and settle transactions using secure servers. PEXA enhances efficiency through real-time lodgement of land registry documents, fast access to cleared funds, and higher certainty of on-time settlement by working to eliminate human errors in manual handling as much as possible. Since the transactions are handled electronically, funds can be deposited directly into accounts within 24 hours, instead of waiting three-to-five days for a cheque to clear.

It also allows thorough visibility of the process on both sides, eliminating guesswork.

To find out more about PEXA, contact us on (08) 9296 8717 or via email at

Perth’s Most Experienced Survivorship Application Conveyancers

KDD Conveyancers have decades of experience in survivorship applications, helping dozens of Perth joint tenants find peace of mind during tough times. We offer a fixed fee service, so you know exactly what you’re getting each time. If you’re ready to talk about transferring property of a deceased loved one or joint tenant, give our conveyancers a call on 9296 8717 to begin the process today.




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