Exploring the Future of Real Estate and PropTech at Inman Connect Las Vegas 2019

inman connect las vegas
inman connect las vegas

Inman Connect Las Vegas 2019 has been commented on as an industry leading event for a reason. Bringing together over 4,500 property and real estate professionals with 250 industry leading speakers made this event a must-attend for anyone in the industry.

From the moment our team caught wind that a major topic of discussion would be property-tech and the way our industry will change as more technology is introduced, there was no doubt about it. Tickets were booked and we were good to go.

At KDD Conveyancing, we make an active investment in our education and involvement to stay updated with new technology in our industry. Ultimately, our aim is to give our clients a more streamlined and easy experience on their journey with buying or selling a property.

Given Inman Connect is one of the leading events for residential real estate in the world, we had the chance to hear from, and interact with, leading companies around the world.


We were thoroughly impressed by the magnitude of projects and insights shared throughout the event. We were also especially proud to have seen projects created in Australia at this international conference. Honourable mentions include Kohab, Pitched and Home Prezzo.


Kohab is a social network for homebuyers. With automatic data, built in messaging and seamless collaboration tools, we were impressed by Kohab’s ability to unify the experience for homebuyers and professionals alike.


Pitch, created by Realtair, is a suite of end-to-end technology solutions for the real estate transaction process. Such technology can empower property and real estate professionals to provide greater client experiences. We’re all for that at KDD Conveyancing and were happy to see others doing the same!

Home Prezzo

Home Prezzo, on the other hand, helps real estate and property professionals make content marketing easy. It automatically gathers localised statistics that are useful for homebuyers and helps industry professionals deliver that data in more engaging ways.


As Inman Connect targets all professionals in real estate and property markets, we were able to observe challenges across the industry and across many countries. As conveyancers, we noticed that the challenges faced by real estate agents are not too dissimilar to ours, a profound insight.

The ability for so many industry professionals to gather and work towards moving forward through the use of technology also contributed to the power of our experience at the event. We saw first-hand how automation is on the rise.

Faster settlements are made possible as a result of such property technology innovations. At KDD Conveyancing, we are fortunate to have already integrated technology which allows us to deliver a great client experience of our service.
We have seen first-hand how staying at the forefront of technological changes in our industry has added a great deal of value to our clients. Being able to use leading technology to make the conveyancing process more smooth and transparent has also enabled us to develop deeper trust with our clients and keep them updated in real time.

Seeing how new technology is working toward the same direction we are headed in has bolstered our confidence and given us more momentum to keep delivering great results for our clients.

If you’re looking to work with a conveyancer who keeps the human touch alive while also delivering transparency, 24/7 updates on your settlement and a streamlined experience through industry leading tech, get in touch today!

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