Strata Title Applications

Dividing property up for many owners can be a tricky and complicated process. If you’re looking to apply for a Strata Title, KDD Conveyancing Services makes the process simple and convenient for you. We liaise with your surveyor and arrange the application for new titles.

KDD Conveyancing – Your Guide to Strata Title Applications

Strata Title Subdivisions can be confusing, and minor changes between shires and councils can trip many people up.  Strata Title applications can take a lot of work, but KDD works alongside your surveyor to take the pressure off you.

If you start your Strata Title Application without the right advice or direction you may find yourself facing unnecessary delays and costs due to inadequate planning and design.  The approval process is governed by the Western Australian Planning Commission.

Upon approval KDD will have the necessary paperwork prepared with you to apply for the new titles at Landgate.

Contact KDD Conveyancing Services For Convenient, Simple Strata Applications

If you require reliable and easy to understand Strata Title applications that help speed up the process as much as possible, talk to KDD Conveyancing Services today on 9296 8717.


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