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Unlike typical Settlement Agents, KDD Conveyancing Services provides customised quotes tailored to your specific requirements, avoiding the 'one-size-fits-all' approach. We prioritise your needs, ensuring you only pay for necessary services and products. We aim to deliver maximum value to you, our client, without any unexpected conveyancing fees or charges added post-quote agreement.

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With your property settlement.

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When it comes to conveyancing and your settlement, you can always rely on KDD’s friendly and professional service every time, with every settlement and conveyancing service we conduct. At KDD Conveyancing Perth we approach each settlement transaction as individual and unique. We want you to feel empowered throughout the settlement process. In doing so, we make it a priority to guide you with professionalism and quality advice. We will make ourselves available to you outside normal business hours for ease of convenience.

Your settlement will be handled by one of our hand-picked, expert and licensed settlement agents right here in Perth. They will sit down, listen to your problems, find the best resources, and formulate an action plan to suit your requirements and situation. We always act in your best interests while delivering exceptional service.

Do you like being hands-on? Or do you prefer us to handle all the details? Either way, we can keep you apprised of your settlement progress via SMS, email, or phone. The choice is yours.