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At KDD Conveyancing Perth we pride ourselves on offering the best service experience for our property settlement clients. Our expert Perth settlement agents are driven by a passion for our profession and are committed to excellence for our clients from sale to settlement.

View our service checklist below and compare us to other property settlement agents you may be considering.

  • Review the Offer and Acceptance Contract
  • Unlimited phone support
  • Unlimited office attendance
  • No Hidden Costs
  • Individual Member of AICWA
  • Corporate Member of AICWA
  • Certified Practicing Conveyancer Accredited
  • Electronic Conveyancing Accredited
  • Actively effecting settlements in the electronic platform via PEXA
  • Licensed and experienced conveyancers
  • Direct and immediate access to your conveyancer 7 days a week
  • Experienced and knowledgeable support staff
  • All standard postage, telephone, facsimile and photocopying
  • Liaise with you, your real estate agent, finance broker or banker REGULARLY via telephone call, sms and emails throughout the transaction to ensure all parties are kept fully informed
  • Search certificate of title to confirm correct property ownership
  • Search any relevant plans and/or encumbrances
  • Provide copies of all searches, plans and encumbrances to you to establish your satisfaction with the correct Lot being sold or purchased
  • Conduct and/or provide Verification of Identity service
  • Advise local government authorities of a change in ownership and specified settlement date
  • Request orders and requisitions relating to the property and provide a copy to you for your information
  • Attend to the adjustment of rates and taxes
  • Prepare settlement statements and provide copies to necessary parties
  • Properly account for all funds expended or held in the trust account
  • Liaise regularly with relevant parties to determine all conditions of the contract have been satisfied
  • Advise you once conditions have been satisfied
  • In the event there is a problem with conditions not being satisfied we work with all relevant parties towards achieving a satisfactory outcome. NO PASSING THE BUCK!
  • Prepare and/or provide the Transfer of Land document to you for signing (includes overseas clients)
  • Stamp contract and Transfer via in house Revenue Online service
  • Check search the title for any dealings immediately prior to settlement
  • Schedule settlement on your behalf
  • Notify you, your real estate agent and finance broker/banker of the settlement booking time
  • Attend settlement on your behalf
  • In the event settlement is called off we will re-schedule and re-attend
  • Notify you, your real estate agent and finance broker/banker to offer congratulations immediately settlement has been effected
  • Attend to payment of all outstanding rates, taxes, levies and condition invoices (termite inspection, building inspection)
  • Pay the selling fee and/or marketing expenses to your real estate agent
  • Pay all monies due to you from the sale proceeds into your nominated accounts in accordance with your instructions (THERE IS NO LIMIT ON THE NUMBER OF BANKINGS)
  • All standard postage, telephone, facsimile and photocopying
  • Provide final settlement statement
  • Conduct and provide after settlement search
  • Contact local authorities post settlement to determine they have received payment for outstanding rates
  • Provide secure archiving service
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