Why Start With Why – Building a Purposeful Conveyancing Business

Building a Purposeful Conveyancing Business


There’s a commonality between Apple, Google, Thankyou, Dove, and us – KDD Conveyancing Services.

We all have a purpose layered on top of our actual business model.

What does that look like? Well, for a company like Dove, it means their mission is more than selling soap. They use their brand as a platform to encourage girls to boost their self-esteem. In fact, they started a movement – #speakbeautiful – inspiring girls around the world to celebrate their beauty on social media.


Thankyou is another excellent example of a company that’s embraced the concept of ‘Start With Why’. They don’t just make baby products, skincare ranges, and bottled water, they’re working towards ending global poverty in our lifetime.

What’s the upside of what seems like extra work for a business – besides shifting the world a little towards being a better place?

Purpose is usually a catalyst for success.


Simon Sinek is an optimist, a visionary, and the author of Find Your Why, Leaders Eat Last and Together Is Better. He advocates businesses to ask, dwell, reflect, and pound on the “Why” of their existence. Most companies have no clue “why” they do what they do. In fact, according to Sinek, most companies don’t even know “what” they do.


We decided early on we weren’t going to belong to that category.

Just by taking some time to dwell on your “Why” you can start projecting your company in a totally different way along with reshaping the culture of your business, how customers and employees perceive your business, and eventually your profits.


A survey titled “The Business Case for Purpose”, thanks to Simon Caulkin of FT.com revealed that companies that have a specific purpose (beyond making money) returned six times more to shareholders than profit-driven companies.

Being purpose-driven doesn’t have to be a USP for only large companies with big pockets or those backed by fancy-pants MBA teams. Every business can think of a way to layer purpose on top of their business model. Also, the concept of Start With Why doesn’t also always have to lead to charity donations. It can be as simple as communicating effectively your products, services, or brand solve a particular problem customers have and what you really intend to do after a sale is made.

At KDD Conveyancing Services, here’s how we start with why:

  • We regularly meet and speak about the ‘Why’ for our business (and it’s not making money!)
  • We ensure that every single marketing message, internal communication memo, and how we project ourselves incorporates our ‘Why’
  • We constantly refine and fine-tune our ideal client avatar and ensure we’re speaking to them in the way they need to hear us
  • We do donate to charities, with both time and fiscally, but we also focus on a different way of putting our message out by focusing on how we stand up for excellence in the industry and a purposeful view of changing the world, one happy client at a time

To many, conveyancing might not seem the most glamorous industry and perhaps our business isn’t considered as able to influence social change as, say, Thankyou does. However, it’s the kind of job people don’t realise is important until they need us – even more so if negotiations get tricky between a property Buyer and Seller. Here’s where we really make a difference in the lives of our clients.

In everything we do, we ensure the process is as smooth as possible. Buying and selling property, even if you’re a qualified property developer, is commonly understood as one of life’s more stressful undertakings. How we do what we do makes such a tremendously positive impact for our clients.


We know KDD conveyancing Services is one of the most innovative settlement agents in Australia.

We’re embracing the future of conveyancing, whilst also holding firm age-old traditions of excellent customer service. We’ve researched, made small, incremental changes to leverage technology, and identified what our clients need now and what they’ll need in the future. We work hard to meet their expectations each and every time so the process is as seamless as possible for them.

With advances in technology, distance is no longer a barrier. This means we’re able to offer a superior service to more people and the old issues of logistics have been obliterated by moving to a paperless, electronic system.

Our social media pages promote our brand statement, which is:

“Proudly sculpting the future of conveyancing by way of embracing new innovations, process efficiency, and customer service.”

We don’t make promises we can’t keep so we’re always aware, in everything we do, of the importance of upholding this mission.

Our clients want better, faster, efficient, and more effective. We pride ourselves on being cutting edge, purposeful, and always considering why we’re here – we start with our why.

If you want to find out more about the team at KDD and what our settlement agency is about, feel free to contact us at (08) 9296 8717.

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