Movinghub: Moving House the Easy & Cost Effective Way

Movinghub: Moving House the Easy & Cost Effective Way

Moving houses brings with it a number of logistics and headaches when things don’t go according to plan. From figuring out the costs to knowing your rights and getting set up in your new place, there’s a lot you need to organise!

With the help of organisations like Movinghub, anyone in the process of moving is able to reduce the headaches and stress that typically come with this process.

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The Real Cost of Moving

Figuring out how much it can cost to move can be complicated. The services you choose, the amount of items and boxes you need to move, the distance you’re moving and accessibility of your new location. 

If you choose professional removalists, you may find yourself racked up with costs averaging between $2000-$5000. 

Choosing a DIY option of having a shipping container delivered and you pack it yourself may seem more cost effective. Though the costs of moving the container can be just as high for interstate moves. One company quotes between $2430 – $6395 depending on the distance moved.

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But the real cost of moving is when things don’t go according to plan and the value of the mishap is intangible.

That’s why Movinghub offers a free service to you and the vendors make sure things go according to plan for your move day.

Knowing Your Rights When Moving

If you find yourself faced with any of the above issues, it can be a real nightmare finding a solution. 

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That’s where a ‘movologist’, what Movinghub call their moving specialists, can help. With a moving specialist on your side, you can relax knowing things are being organised even while you focus on what matters to you.

An Unparalleled Win-Win Moving Solution (And It’s Free)

Imagine if you didn’t have to worry about any of these when moving:

  • Switching utilities
  • Connecting pay TV & broadband
  • Finding the right internet provider
  • Security
  • Insurance
  • Truck hire
  • Storage
  • Solar
  • Cleaning

And imagine if you could coordinate all these things for free and with only one point of contact via email or over the phone. How much easier would life be?

At KDD Conveyancing, we pride ourselves on our ability to stay at the forefront of technological innovations in the real estate and property industries.

Our service is critical to clients in transition from one property to another – so we see firsthand the things that can go wrong during a move. That’s why we recommend Movinghub.

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It is a property-tech solution designed to help you with everything associated with moving to a new place, at no additional cost. No matter the distance or how many items you have. 

Leading companies that are already deploying this radical solution include Harcourts and Ray White.

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Want a slice of the headache-free pie?

At KDD Conveyancing, we are a conveyancer of choice in Perth due to our ability to assist clients with making their lives easier through all stages of their move. We also use a number of other technologies that simplify conveyancing for anyone who is in the process of a property transfer.

Moving doesn’t have to be hard or expensive with our leading Perth property agents by your side!